Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hi everyone!

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. This is our Magnolia tree and these pods were such a pretty color.

We had two small quilt shows back to back. One last weekend in Post Oak--Hi, Post Oak ladies. It was a two day event and this year was my third year to have a booth there. We take the canopy and have an outdoor booth. I said we--DH went with me and was a wonderful big help. He helped set and take down. It was wonderful not to have to do it by myself. (He always sets the canopy up.) And he checked people out while I either cut fabric or helped a customer. He was a very good boy. Then this weekend we had our Wise County Quilt Guild Show. Friday we had a pre-show and reception with a lecture and trunk show by Margaret Bucklew of Chiseled in Cloth. She does quilted portraits and landscapes using Photoshop. And she does online classes! You gotta go look. Please do. It was very interesting. We had a good turn out Friday afternoon. Saturday was the show and again we felt like we had a very good turn out. There were so many activities over the weekend that we didn't know how many we would attract. The show was held in the Decatur Visitor's Center which was once the post office. It is a charming old building right off the downtown square. If you've never been to Wise County and you are ever near here, you gotta see the courthouse. It is one of the prettiest courthouses I think in Texas. It is especially pretty at Christmas when the Christmas lights are on.

DH was a wonderful big help again. He can sell. He can take down quilts. He can unload and load. He is a very good boy.
But alas my little quilt I entered in the challenge did not win. But several told me they liked it.
Did I tell you I did a demonstration? What on? What else? A stacked four patch, of course, that's what the ladies in the guild asked for. And I deliver--I cater. Just a little joke. LOL The demo was a lot of fun. It had been months since I had done one so I refreshed myself to get ready for the demo. I know-- I was having withdrawals. But after the demo and looking back through what I had started before (yes) I am safely addicted all over again and hopefully 8 or 9 more ladies are addicted as well. Hee. Hee. I can't help myself. I and another lady were the vendors for the show. She sells online and goes to quilt shows. I bought some of her fabric. She had some Kaffe Fassett fabric. Love it! The ones I bought are from Carla Miller. Check her out 2 Sisters Quilting here.

We had a wonderful time and now just have to unload the car again. Whew. And Sissy. Sissy is just wonderful, too. Soon after Sissy came to live with us we discovered we had a flea problem. We had them not Sissy. In our yard and in the garage (can we say CATS --Butterball caught a rabbit and brought it in the garage--yucky--he had mauled it and it was crying--then he turned it loose--8 <. The rabbit is no more but I think it must have been infested with fleas.) But they soon became Sissy's problem. Bless her heart. So to make a long story short after baths, treatments, fogging, etc. we still had a problem. She had to stay outside a lot. I couldn't have fleas in the house. I was vacuuming often, too, to make sure it didn't become OUR problem. We took her to the vet to get her rabies shot and got product for all three dogs and now no more problem. And she hasn't had an accident in the house since her first week. Yay! She is doing good! And she is such a sweetheart. She loves sitting in DH's lap when he's in his recliner or mine when I sit down on the sofa. She is a real lap dog.
Happy quilting and blessings,


  1. Hi there! Sounds like you are having lots of fun. I like your quilt.

    Hate to hear about the flea problem you had. I remember my late neighbor always saying you could put salt on carpet and that would kill the fleas. I'm glad you were able to get rid of them.

    We are heading to a funeral in Arlington tomorrow. It's my 96 years old cousin who passed away. He and my dad were first cousins. We are going cross country as usual, so it will take longer to get there.


  2. Just checking in...been a while...busy summer...sounds like you are we all are...blessings

  3. I bet you're tired after the show. I don't belong to a guild anymore but I remember how hectic the show weekends were when I was in GA.

    We've been lucky that Chesty hasn't ever had fleas -- I understand they can be a problem to get rid of but it sounds like you've got it solved.


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