Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It is such a wonderful thing to take time out and give thanks. We are grateful for so many things. And the most important aren't things. The most important are our family, our health, our country, freedom of worship, a roof over our head, food on our table, and all the good things in our life.

I got up early this morning and started cooking and had already cooked some yesterday. Our DS#1 came. We had the traditional (for us) Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, cornbread dressing (half bread, half cornbread), giblet gravy, sweet potatoes (new recipe this year--I like it), green beans, rolls (I tried a new recipe--everyone liked it.), pecan pie, pumpkin pie (one of Margie's 300 she raised), and cake. We took DS#2 and DDIL some to enjoy in the hospital and then brought DGS Mason home with us. He is asleep now. DS#1 is spending the night and going to go with us to visit DD and family tomorrow.

I really liked the sweet potatoes I made. The dish has sweet potatoes, cranberries, pineapple, brown sugar, and nuts. It is so pretty and tasty. I will post the recipe if anyone is interested. DH helped cut up the pumpkin and I cooked it. Roasted the pumpkin seeds and they were yummy. I make my own pie crust-- I love messing with the dough. We came home and ate some more. It was good all over again. I missed having DSIL Donna's spinach dish. So good. I would've made it if DD and family had come. DGS Mac loves spinach.

I told someone the other day when we saw Christmas decorations out and heard Christmas carols being sung that it was like skipping the "thanks" giving and going straight to the "giving" or in some cases "receiving". And I do know that there are people who really love Christmas. I am afraid the retailers are just too anxious to get the Christmas shopping going at full speed.

I am thankful for those read this blog. I am thankful to be able to read other's blogs. May you be truly blessed.



  1. I would love your sweet potato recipe - I usally either cook them whole and serve split open with butter and cinnamon sugar; mashed or made into thick chips (fries).

    Have made sweet potato pie a few times but your dish sounds really tasty.

  2. It all sounds yummy!

    The best thing we ever did was stop giving Christmas gifts. Now I just enjoy the season and being with's like an extended *giving of thanks* for us because we focus on how fortunate we are rather than what we're going to buy. A donation to Habitat for Humanity is our *gift* to everyone.


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