Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What's been going on with everyone? I know we have been busy. We finished painting the well house and have a couple of touch ups and we'll be done for good. We've had our first real cold front and a light frost.

Last Friday we went to Gainesville to the quilt show. Saw several ladies I knew. Always fun to run across fellow quilters from various areas. We went to the quilt shop, Past Times, and they were swamped. The poor ladies were cutting fabric as fast as they could and calling in help. DH had gone to the quilt show with me and also the quilt shop. He was the only man and he didn't seem to mind at all. He is learning a lot about quilting. :)

Please pray for our DDIL. She is in the hospital. She has just started into her sixth month in her pregnancy. She went for her regular visit with the OB and she had dialated between a 2 and 3. She had started having back pains.They are monitoring her. The baby is fine and she is fine. Please pray that our baby granddaughter will decide to stay in the womb for several more months.

DH went deer hunting and I decided to have a marathon working on my quilt club's scrapbooks. I had gotten behind. So I got all of 2008's book completed and will work on 2009 shortly. So nice to get that obligation done. Now on to other UFO's.



  1. Prayers for your DDIL and the baby. I hope all remains well.
    Have you read my latest news?
    Having daughters and dils pregnant is more worrying than we went thru it ourselves, I think. :)

  2. Have my fingers and toes crossed for you DDIL and for the baby; being a Gran is more worrysome than being a mum at times.

  3. Marilyn, so sorry to hear about your DIL, I hope everything goes OK for her and the baby.


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