Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to the diet -- after the leftovers are gone!

Well, I had been doing really good with keeping the pounds I had lost off. But after eating all the Thanksgiving goodies I am a little afraid to step on the scales. I had lost 5 pounds. Woo hoo! It was feeling real good to have extra room in my jeans. And just as soon as the pumpkin pie is gone -- I am cutting the pieces smaller now to make it last longer -- I am going to cut down on portions again and eat a smaller evening meal. I promise.

On Friday DH, DS#1, DGS Mason and I went to our DD's house and had lunch with her family. It was good with her homemade pies for dessert. The weather was so nice so we all went outside. The grandkids blew bubbles and drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. Then they all had a need for speed! The older two got out their scooters (push type) and DGS Mason (two years old) borrowed DGD Aimee's dolly stroller and went up and down the driveway and sidewalk. Then it was time to go home so DH could check on his animals. We ate supper (for what reason I don't know--I was still full). I had cooked the turkey bones while we were gone so I made a quick soup by adding rice and opening a couple of cans of mixed vegetables and chopped turkey. There is just something about soup. Then DS#1 decided to go home and we all called it a night.

Then today I made waffles for breakfast. Could not entice DGS Mason to eat but a bite or two. He only eats when he wants to and if he doesn't want to he doesn't--period. He's not skinny but I do declare (I love saying that--it sounds so Southern.) I don't know what he eats to keep the meat on his bones. We had leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner for lunch. Mason got a nap and then when he woke up we went out to play. I raked a big pile of leaves for him to jump in. He loved it. And of course the dogs got in on the action.
One ear up and one ear down. Sissy didn't quite know what to think about all the visitors. She is very good with DGS Mason.

The last quilty thing I have done? I put a binding on this quilt. And I had to straighten my sewing room because someone came over to pick up some notions. I had twenty minutes notice. You should've seen me flying around.


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  1. Hi, isn't it great when the leftovers are all gone, and by that time you are dreaming for a pot of pinto beans and a pan of cornbread?

    I can visualize Mason pushing that baby buggy, and I'll bet he thought he was as big as the other kiddos there.

    Betcha lost that 5 lbs chasing him, and working hard painting your house. When I have to go to the doctor and step on those digital scales, I close my eyes . . . sort of imitating an ostrich and his proverbial sand I guess.

    We had Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual holiday because DD Susan asked us to. Her DS and wife are moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas next month and they won't be here Christmas and were going to Arkansas for the holiday, so we had it early. Then I got to meet 4 new cousins last Monday in Gatesville. That was a real treat. Lillian lives in Center but was up this way working on her family history. By the way, did you ever call that fellow in Waco to see if he's a cousin to you? I hope you did, and he is. Last Monday we went to Flint Creek Cemetery where our ancestors are buried, and when were fixing to leave, and I was shutting the gate, another car drove up so I reopened the gate for those people. The fellow stopped the car and told us he is the director or something of the cemetery. We got to talking to his wife, and come to find out she descends from the Dodson's, too.

    It's certainly been a busy time around here. And I'm ready for DS Chip to be back on our soil.

    I've got to go to bed now or I might miss SS in the morning. I had to miss all services last Sunday.

    I'm really glad you posted the sweet potato recipe. I'll use the microwave, too. I'm going to try it Christmas.

    Take good care,


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