Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I hadn't done any laundry since before the "deep freeze" came for a visit. It has warmed up nicely. We have temps near 60. So yesterday I washed and hung out. And washed and hung out. Most of the time the clothes this time of year don't get completely dry so I hang them in the house to finish drying and drape towels over chairs. Then the next morning I fold and put away.

I saw an apron in February/March 2010 issue of Quilts recently. It is a clothespin apron. I think it is a brillant idea. It got me thinking. I had an old apron and I modified it and now I have a clothespin apron. It really worked well today.
The apron is reversible. I simply turned up one side and stitched to the sides, down the center, and a little across the top in the center and sides to form pockets.

My DD wanted an apron like I have that I use all the time. Mine was made and given to me by DH's sister many years ago. The fabric is homespun and has gotten so thin after much use. So I laid mine out and traced around it. I sewed up a trial. Not too bad.

The one on the left is my old one and on the right is my trial. For some strange reason I thought I needed to add a seam allowance around the straps so it needed tweaking. I put the pocket on the left for my sister--she's a lefty.

Tweaked it and ta-da--I hope DD likes it.

Now I need to make me a new one! I hadn't cut bias binding recently so I am getting a lot of practice with the bias binding that goes around the apron.


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  1. Don't for get the one for Jenn!!

    Love ya mom



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