Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy 2010 and Cold is on the way

And what a cold 2010 it is starting out to be. And yes some of you are already experiencing the cold. Ours is to get here Wednesday night. We are forecast for night time temps to drop into the teens and late Friday night early Saturday morning possibly in the single digits. This is the first time since 1997 for temps like this. I don't remember that weather-- just as well : ). We ran errands today to get ready. Bought covers for our outdoor faucets, made ready the barn with heat lamps and closed up openings(we've got a sow that is due to farrow her litter soon) and groceries and dog food (don't want to run out).  I've done the laundry. We'll put a pot of soup on and make a pan of cornbread. Now if there aren't any power outages I can quilt to my heart's content.

By the way, would someone please tell the global warming people that evidently global warming has taken a vacation?

Oh another by the way, we STILL have patches of snow in some areas on the sides of the road. Never in my life have I seen this in Texas. Again, would someone please inform the global warming people? 

Oh, for those of you checking on my DIL--she is still doing well. Week 31 starts tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.


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  1. Seems funny reading about you battening down the hatches, blocking holes and preparing for the worst when we are swelting. A cool 95F yesterday but the forcast for next week is around 104F.
    Looks like global warming is vacationing in Australia!!
    Take care and hope it isn't as bad as predicted for you.
    So glad your daughter is doing okay; still have my fingers and toes crossed.


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