Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been getting caught up on some quilting. Yes! First, the Time Travel quilt is being hand quilted by the Kraz-z Quilters. We've worked on it I think it is three weeks so far and pretty much all the outer borders are done. I am using Pellon Legacy 80/20 batting and we are quilting the flying geese and smaller borders in the ditch. In the other borders we are quilting a zig zag pattern. Next week we will get into the body of the quilt and start the blocks. We only had four of us this past Wednesday. Life happens and gets in the way of quilting some days!

I got my part of the tote bags done for the Wise Co. Quilt Guild community project. Yes! I got my quilt block done for the Kraz-z Quilters' next raffle quilt. Yes! And I got the Sun Bonnet Sue block done for WCQG. Yes! And I got a quilt machine quilted and another on the frame (sorry, no pictures). Yes! Now I have to make Christmas stockings for another WCQG community project and start cutting 8" blocks for another. But before I do that -- I have a booth this coming weekend in Post Oak. Yes! Gotta cut fat quarters and yardage and get ready. 

I had WCQG meeting today. It went well with lots of plans for upcoming months and our next quilt show.

DH has sold several butcher size pigs lately and young show pigs. A big yes! Four more butcher size will go tomorrow. Butcher size for us is anywhere from 230 pounds and up. When they get that size they can put away a lot of feed every day! These pigs are six months old. You might be thinking--Wow, they grow fast! And you would be right.

Blessings on all who read these words,


  1. Great post...sounds like you are very busy with all your quilting projects..always a good feeling..I have done a little bit of quilting last 2-3 days...been a long recovery for me this time...made a grommet purse and working on the zig zag border for JudyL BOM quilt I am determined to finish..will send it out to be quilted..too big for me.I have already scheduled it with the gal so need to get busy..I have directional lines that I am dealing with and finally figured it out..hoorah!!!

  2. Wow you have been a busy lady! Love ya



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