Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Cloudy Sky

That's what we woke to this morning. And mid morning we had a little shower of rain. Woohoo! Praise the Lord. The temps have stayed in the mid 80s so far. Another Woohoo!

Yesterday was crazy. You ever have one of those days when you have something you want to get done and it just doesn't happen. Yeah. I was paying bills and such. The telephone company has changed their billing. It fouled up the way I normally pay my bill by telephone. I FINALLY got a human voice to talk to me and we got it all settled. All that automated stuff that doesn't apply-- don't get me started. But to the telephone company's credit -- the person on the other end was very polite and helpful. And our neighbors down the road have telephone service--the repairmen were there yesterday installing new boxes on the side of the road. Thumbs up.

Like I was saying yesterday didn't go as planned. The phone would ring. It was all personal. Family and friends and they wanted to talk. I'm okay with that. But it sure can change your plans. LOL I'm back on track today; we'll see how long it last. LOL I've got the vacuuming done. That always makes me feel better. Soft cleaner carpet under my bare feet.

I have four or five Dresden Plates left to do. And then I will explore how big I will make this quilt. I'm working on it in the evenings while watching TV.


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