Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A total loss

The building where the Kraz-z Quilters meet burned last night and is a total loss. I saw it on the 6am news on Ch4 FOX DFW. Then I had to drive down and make sure it was "our" building. It was.

We have spent years meeting every Wednesday--probably nineteen years--in that building. Immediately you begin to think "What was down there that was lost?" Number one-Sharon's quilt was on the frames being quilted! She and her hubby are on vacation. Hope she doesn't hear just yet and can enjoy the rest of her vacation. Dixie had brought her mother's sewing machine and left it for the club to use when we needed a sewing machine down there. It was a Singer 15-91. Manufactured in the 50's. Vintage. All the C.A.S.A. quilts we had made -12 in all-- and were collecting and getting ready to present to them. Our quilt blocks for our next raffle/donation quilt. Our scrapbooks. Marie told me she had taken the original and another one home to show someone. I had one at my house. So we can have those for memories sake.

Marie's cutting table, the refrigerator, the orphan blocks we were going to make into quilts, quilting books and magazines, batting for C.A.S.A. quilts. And the list goes on.

I am the treasurer and treasurers are responsible for keeping the club's financial things at their home.  So those things are preserved.

One good thing--the business owner in the front of the building had decided to relocate her business so had been in the process of removing her things. I'm not sure she got everything out though. She has had so much loss in her life in the last several years. Her only child was killed in a tragic car accident two years ago. She had just brought us some of her clothing and asked if we could make a quilt with them. The clothes were lost in the fire. That will be devastating for her.
Edit: I have talked to the business owner. She only had six tanning beds and a few other things left in the building. She had already moved the majority of her inventory and sold display cases. She did ask about her daughter's clothing but was not as upset as I thought she would be.

Bad thing--a new business was supposed to be moving in. Good thing--they hadn't moved in.

The phone keeps ringing. Members calling. We are all so sad. I told one I think we need to meet and have a good cry. She said a funeral. Yeah, it feels like a part of us has died. I know we may find another meeting place. We had already been looking because we had experienced some problems. It's hard to find an inexpensive place to meet in a small town. Some have suggested a church.  Churches are getting to where they don't want quilters. We take up room they need for well--their church. I understand. We had already decided that if we lost our meeting place we would start meeting in each others homes. So I guess the decision was made for us.

And I know the Bible says that whatever the enemy meant for evil God will turn around for good. That's what I am standing on.

Blessings to everyone,

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  1. My heart goes out to you and all the ladies that have enjoyed that place for so many years.




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