Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilts and Pigs

What else do you expect from me? LOL

I sewed this together several weeks ago. I've been using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders method with the little squares then sewed them leaders and enders again into four patches. Then I used Mary's pattern
4 Patches on the Diagonal and put them all together. And of course my quilt top is turned the opposite from Mary's pictured in her instructions. LOL It is VERY scrappy. Some people like scrappy and some like "controlled" scrappy. I like SCRAPPY. But next time I might use solid or solid looking fabric for the large half square triangles. What do you think? I will definitely be making more quilts from this pattern. I have lots more squares! LOL  I haven't decided whether to add a border or not yet. What do you think?

We have four litters of pigs that have been born with one more due in a couple of days.  The pen on the left has one mama and one baby. This mama had trouble having hers and we were very blessed that she and one baby are alive and well. The mama in front of the camera has six babies. Can you see the little ones in the back napping in the sun? These babies are around 3 weeks old. They are starting to eat feed and will be weaned soon.

These are still in the barn and are from a litter of ten. They have a Berkshire mama and a Hampshire daddy.

These are Hampshires babies also still in the barn and also ten in their litter.

Aren't they all sweet? I just love to hear the mama hogs call their babies when their milk lets down. They all scramble to latch on and fight over teats and squeal. Hilarious.


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