Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Rain

We woke to thunder and lightning early this morning. And rain. So nice. We welcome every drop.

Yesterday while picking up tree branches I noticed we had an abundant crop of grass burrs. : (  It was overcast and cooler so I got out the hoe and went to work. It sprinkled on me a couple of times while I worked. After supper I went out with the weedeater and Hog Man got on the riding lawn mower. The yard looks so nice now! We were gone two days this weekend and I do believe the grass grew four inches in that time. Amazing what rain can do.

It's Wednesday and that usually means Kraz-z Quilters. Today I will go by to drop off some things but I don't have time to stay. Too much to do before the "little munchins" come tomorrow. Yes, DGS Mason and DGD Paisley are going to spend a few days with us. So I have to "make ready" my sewing room and get ready for other company coming this weekend. AND get my quilt guild BOM sewn. AND . . .     You get the picture. So if you don't hear from me for-- oh, say a week -- you'll know I'm just extremely busy.


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  1. Yes, I can so relate to being busy and not getting on here. I did get my guild BOM finished yesterday. Whew!! Now studying for Math exam tomorrow. Have a good week!


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