Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hog Man is improving. Slowly. He had a little trouble with swelling right after we came home from the hospital. They sent us  home from the hospital with a device that looks like a mini ice chest with a pump and a hose attached and the end has a wrap a round knee pad that you fasten with velcro. You fill the "ice chest" with ice and water and turn it on and it pumps cold water through the "knee pad". Pretty cool. Literally. It was quite fun to see Hog Man's face when the cold reached his knee. Hee hee. Yeah. I'm into pain. Just not me. I'm joking.
Maybe. You know playing nurse is overrated. LOL Kinda like when we were little girls and loved to play house. Yeah.

His appetite was way off this surgery. Must be the pain meds. I have been making him healthy smoothies with my new hand held stick blender. In this weather a cool smoothie is very nice! We hit 100 degrees yesterday. Today we are even higher. : (  Thank God for air conditioning.  And why is it lawn movers know when the man of the house is not functioning at 100% and decide they need to break down? Mine always would quit either when he was out of town or something. And why is it that pigs decide to escape from their pens when Hog Man isn't 100%? It's a conspiracy I tell you! Score: Marilyn 2 Pigs 0  That's what I'm talking about. I had the heat on my side and pigs that wanted to get back into their pen and that had cool mud. The Score is what counts. Now if the lawn mower would take note.

I have been spending time on Pinterest. ADDICTIVE! It's endless! It's wonderful.
Sigh. I can explain. I've been on a mission. I'm gathering ideas to embellish that denim jacket I got at Goodwill. Who needs a jacket in this heat?!

Well, I know me. Do it now so I CAN have it to wear when the weather is cooler. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have you ever done a search through Google for hand embroidery? AMAZING. And yes embroidery is on my mind these days. And no I haven't found those embroidery patterns I've been looking for.
AND my pincushion is missing now. Huh?! Weird. It's a conspiracy I tell you!


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