Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nothing like a little wind and rain!

And boy did it blow last night. The electricity blinked off a couple of times and then went off.  I went to sleep and I'm not sure when it came back on. I started resetting clocks this morning.  And with the wind came lots of tree branches on the ground.  Good news--the two large dead limbs in the upper parts of the sycamore tree fell down.  So, that's what I did this morning. I picked up tree branches and took them to the burn pile that we will eventually burn some day.  We may have more storms later today. We will take all the rain that comes our way!

Yesterday Hog Man had his pre-op appointments before knee replacement surgery. We had a couple of hours between the hospital appointments and the Dr. appointment so we ate lunch, shopped at Sam's and had a few minutes and stopped by Goodwill. I found the denim jacket above. I love denim jackets to wear when you need just a little something instead of a heavy jacket. We found Hog Man another pair of lounge/pajama pants to wear. The Goodwill is pretty close to the hospital. Sounds like I may need to look again while he's there. And I won a gift certificate on the bus trip to a quilt shop there so that will be another stop on the list. There was NO WAY I was taking Hog Man to spend my gift certificate. A girl needs time to shop--and I know ya'll know exactly what I mean. LOL

Over the weekend we drove to San Angelo/Ballinger to visit family. It was nice seeing everyone. Our oldest son didn't get to go--he had a migraine. We were going to celebrate his 35th birthday. 35 years--how did that happen? It doesn't seem like that long ago. It is still very dry in the San Angelo/Ballinger area.

I have a question for you. My mom is needing hearing aids. What is the process to get hearing aids? Doctor? Free hearing aid tests places? What is best? I need info and where to get started. Thanks.

Update: The little barn swallows built another nest on the back porch WHERE they weren't supposed to while we were gone. The nest is no longer there. Thank you very much and what part of NO do they not understand?


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  1. You asked about hearing aids for your Mom. I don't know how it is where you live, but a company (Sherreard Hearing Aids) puts an ad in the local newspaper, comes to our small rural town, and sets up a testing station in a van and in the Holiday Inn, and we come to THEM as they are set up in the parking lot. We probably called first to set up appointment. They have a partial testing in a van, then more in the room. DH knew he needed aids. Apparently they routinely travel around this area, as occasionally DH needs some slight adjustment in the aids, and they do that as well. Be ready for big bucks! DH says he's wearing his old bass boat, in his ears.

    Incidentally, I'm reviewing comments and see you visited my Rebuilt Log Cabin, where I cut off the corners and resewed them back on. Hopefully, I already said Thanks, but if not, THANKS! 8-))


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