Saturday, August 11, 2012

A young visitor

DGD Aimee came for a visit this week. We had fun. She has decided to make C.A.S.A. quilts for her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts. We had previously decided on some fabrics and I had cut some squares. So we got started.  We laid them out and decided how she liked them best. Then she sewed them together. Her 1/4 inch has improved! She has the concept down about sewing into rows and then rows together. But she is ten years old and got bored after a bit. So we boxed it up and played some games and put together a puzzle.
She loves sewing on the little Elna. Who wouldn't?

All laid out and ready to sew.

Tuesday morning we got up early and loaded young feeder pigs and took them to auction in Gainesville. Then went on to Montague, Tx. to pick up Hog Man's boar, King, who had been lent out the last few months.  We got home right before it got extremely hot. Most of this week has been 106 to 108 degrees. Wednesday morning was much cooler and over cast. A wonderful surprise!

On Wednesday we went to Kraz-z Quilters. We picked up the quilts that were ready for C.A.S.A. and delivered them to the local C.A.S.A. office.  There were fifteen small sized quilts. Aimee got to deliver the one she had made this last year. She got to ask the question she wanted to ask, "Do the children get to pick out the quilt they want?" The answer was "No, the counselor picks one that they think they will like." 

Then on Thursday we loaded up our sewing machines and projects and sewed with the bee from Wise Co. Quilt Guild.  There were a dozen or more ladies sewing on various projects.
Hard at work.

 Aimee got her quilt top completely sewn together. I worked on our Disappearing Nine Patch blocks for baby quilts for the guild's charitable project.
Proud little quilter!
Then on Friday I decided to make another loaf of yeast bread. And the bananas were waning fast so I made a double batch of banana bread. Then lunch --I had promised Hog Man chocolate chip cookies. Then I was tired. Amen. I washed some laundry. Then we rested and looked at Pinterest until her daddy came to pick her up. Aimee worked on other crafty things on her own during the week. She loves drawing, cutting, glueing, etc. And of course we watched the Olympics! Loved it.
Sissy got a bath and brushing. Sissy looks real thrilled doesn't she?

She had wanted me to play hide n go seek outside. I drew the line there. I decided to play the old woman card.  There's only so much this grandmother is willing to do.

Hog Man continues to improve. He is driving himself to therapy three times a week. We can see definite improvement after this week's therapy. His knee is straightening more and getting stronger.  Praise the Lord.

This next week I hope to get back to a more normal schedule and get work done.  What is normal anyway?  Haven't been there in so long I'm not sure.
Anyway machine quilting is on the schedule.


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