Friday, August 24, 2012

Machine Quilting

I had gotten into a slump -- not wanting to machine quilt. But the quilts keep stacking up so out of necessity I got with it.
You may remember seeing this on my blog back in March as part of the "Follow the Leader" blocks from guild. It is now finished-totally. Isn't that backing fabric great? I machine quilted two more little quilts for guild. No pictures. I have them loaded to take to the hospital to sew binding while I wait. Yeah, Hog Man has his date for knee manipulation. They don't know whether it will be out patient or if they will keep him over night. So I go prepared with hand projects. Then I will post pictures. They are sweet. In my opinion. ; )

We (the guild) continue to make blocks each month. I think I skipped one month and then asked if they wanted to continue and everyone agreed they enjoyed doing them. I endeavor to find something different to keep interest and also try to keep it simple. So far so good.

This month's block is so easy. Tell you what I will try to get a pattern up for it next week.

Stay tuned. And as always -- Blessings,

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  1. cute little your hubby is doing well...blessings


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