Thursday, August 02, 2012

Oh, my it's HOT!

We've been at 108 degrees for several days. In the evenings it cools (relative word) down to 100 by 8pm. Early mornings are nice--EARLY. Upper 70s low 80s. It is forecast to cool somewhat lower 100s in the upcoming days. 5 or 6 degrees will make a big difference. We have had no rain and everything is turning brown.

I was keeping the tomato plants watered because they still had some tomatoes. Until I noticed that the grasshoppers are stripping the plants. No use keeping the plants alive to feed the grasshoppers.

We go out every morning and run water for the hogs to lay in to keep them cool. We made a run this morning to Weatherford (early before it started heating up) to take butcher hogs.
I've made some more fabric baskets. Shh, they are gifts. The one on the left--I thought that was all of that fabric. Surprise-I found more after cramming organizing. So now I can make another one to make a set.
Hog Man is cleared to drive. He is happy. BUT the Dr. wants to go ahead and do manipulation under anesthesia. His knee is bending somewhat better but not straightening and it is really stiff. We both are so ready for this saga of our life to be over. He will continue therapy until that procedure is scheduled. But good news--he can drive himself. I have gained four and a half hours a week to do something. Like dig grass burrs or work in the yard in the early morning before it gets hot.  Grass burrs stink. If you agree click Like and Share. Wait this is Blogger not Facebook. Sorry.

Remember this is PERFECT weather for sewing. : ) 


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  1. I wrote a comment and power flickered and everything went just getting back to has been very hot here...humidity high from the coast...I have stayed inside due to breathing...been busy with our quilt show ...on vacation to Rangeley area and DownEast...beautiful posted on my FB margaretshawcrockett
    You can see quilt show entries from our group from my blog...just click on Tacoma Lakes in side bar...very busy summer...I am working on a quilt that has set for over 10 years...Ohio Collection...smallest piece about 4" and largest 16" pattern to put together...and I have to fill in so it has been a challenge..I was not skilled enough to do when I finish blocks but am having a good time now...3/4 done...hopefully will have done soon...August and it will start to change weather in another 3 weeks...have loved the summer but very dry here...not like the midwest though...haying was done in 1 week which has never happened all your postings..sorry to hear about your hubby...we all have our challenges as we get older...the mind does not grow old but the we shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye..oh what a day!


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