Sunday, September 23, 2012

First days of Autumn

The sun is later coming up and earlier going down. The night time temperatures are cooler. We call it "Indian Summer" when the afternoons are warm and the nights are refreshingly cooler. High school footbal is in full swing. Communities will be having fall festivals soon. Then before we know it--it will be Christmas! Screech! Bam! Where did that come from? Well, isn't it true? We blink and it's here. It comes faster every year. How does that work anyway?

But isn't that what life has become? Going faster and faster. Seeming to get less and less done. With more technology shouldn't we get more done? Oh, maybe the problem is the more technology. Could be. Could very well be.

I rather like technology, though. Especially when I can watch Bonnie Hunter on Quilt Cam sewing and talking to us just like we were there. I mean how neat is that? And how neat is it for her to use modern technology to show us how to sew on a treadle sewing machine? It's like two worlds colliding don't you think? I have watched Quilt Cam while I have sewn. It's like a sew day or mini retreat. I set up the laptop near the sewing machine and sew and sew. So much fun.

I could've put the title of this post "Home Again Round Three" but who's counting? I made a quick trip to my mother's to help out this week. Hog Man has Dr. appointments--we are so hoping the doc will release him to go back to work. I've got a lot planned for the next several weeks. A booth at Post Oak, a booth at Coal Miner's Heritage Festival in downtown Bridgeport to sell raffle tickets for WCQG, another possible booth, quilting to be done, sewing to be done--and you throw in there regular things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork, regular quilt meetings and it makes for a busy time. And throw in surprise visits from little visitors. Life is good. Thank you, God.

Blessings from the Catering Quilter

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