Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Enjoying

I am so enjoying this cooler more fall like weather. And we've had some rain. Really really nice.

Hog Man has officially been released from the doctor. Woo hoo! It's a good thing! The day before his doctor's appointment--the water pump went out on his pickup. And that sucker did not want to come out -- it was original and liked where it was LOL. Man, last week was one of those busy, busy weeks. He had two doctor's appointments.  I had the booth at Post Oak to get ready for--cutting fat quarters and such. We always go out the night before and set up the canopy. And then the booth itself. And Hog Man has been busy with -- pigs! Hard to believe I know! Show pig season is right around the corner. He's got some nice ones for sale.

Our booth at Post Oak went very well. We always enjoy all the quilters who shop with us. We had some drizzling rain on Friday--didn't dampen the shopping. Then on Saturday it started with drizzle and got heavier as the day progressed. Our canopy did pretty good--except right down the center where a seam ran the length of it. We managed pretty good moving tables away from the center. Then when the rain picked up--a helpful husband of one of the Post Oak quilters found a tarp and he and Hog Man tied it up on one side. Then we were able to make the rest of the afternoon okay. We were both pretty tired when we got home. It had been one of those weeks--lots of extra activity going on. We got all the wet stuff dried out.  Everything is back in place. Table covers have been washed and put away. All except for the canopy. Hog Man set up just the top to dry it out. We were on our way to Wal-Mart to look for some kind of waterproofing spray and of course hunting season is right around the corner -- as in--hunting license and gear-- when he remembered someone had made an appointment to come by to look at show pigs for sale. So Wal-Mart has to wait.

Sissy aka "Little Doggy" hasn't been feeling well. She has an upset stomach. We left her outside the two days we were gone and we figure she ate something she shouldn't have eaten. So needless to say--I am going to need to clean carpets after this little episode. But hopefully she will be better really soon. Poor "Little Doggy". 

I had ordered some of Bonnie Hunter's books for my store. I am very impressed with her books. They read much like her blog. Very personable and detailed instructions for the patterns. Lots of pictures of the projects. One of these days I am going to take the time to cut down my scraps and organize them like her Scrap Users system.  That is after I get DD Amanda's Dresden Plate quilt assembled since my turn for quilting is next! I did get half the sashing strips made at our work day after last month's guild meeting. This week I plan on sewing more of them and then on to the nine patch corner stones and then the borders.

Today after getting all the wet stuff washed up, dried, folded and put away I went outside and dug more grass burrs. Ugh! The rain is nice--not complaining mind you. But the grass burrs really really like the rain. Let's just say the hundreds I dug will not be seed to come up next year. Yay!

Time to call it a night.
Blessings from the Catering Quilter.

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