Saturday, October 06, 2012

What a difference a few days makes

Or there was a "wrench thrown in those plans".  Last week Hog Man had complained a little about his left leg having some sore spots in it. At first I was busy and didn't really pay attention. Then it caught up with me. Like "Wait a minute-what did he say?" My hair dresser had told me about her leg problems (blood clot) so my ears perked up. So after we got the booth done at Post Oak he made an appointment with his primary care doctor. He took one look at it and said he thought he might have a blood clot. Oh boy! Went for a doppler sonogram or whatever they call those things. Yup, there it was. A small one on a surface vein. We had gone to ER --still no insurance -- and thank God D.A.R.S. will cover this--and don't get me started about the ER doctor. He reminded me of Sheldon on the Big Bang tv program just older with gray in his hair. His mannerisms were so alike. Can we say NO bedside manner whatsoever?! He questioned Hog Man's dr. diagnosis. He thought it was something else. But the technician that came in was a breath of fresh air. So nice and took her time and found the pesky clot so Mr. Sheldon ER Doctor had to eat his words. And THEN he thought it wasn't serious. Told Hog Man to go home and take ibuprofen and use hot packs. Like the title of this post--what a difference a few days makes--Mr. Sheldon Er doctor advised us to make a follow up appointment with primary care doctor. The best advice he gave us! Primary care doctor thought it was serious. Okay. He wanted to confer with Hog Man's surgeon. They did and now Hog Man is on blood thinner and hot packs and will not be going back to work for several more weeks.  God has been with us through everything and He will be with us through this as well. Praise his Holy Name.

Prayers please? Thank you.
Blessings from the Catering Quilter

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  1. Goodness, what an experience you and hubby had. I hope that all goes very well now that the dx has been made and with the prescribed treatment.


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