Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been a LONG time!

Where has the time gone?! I'm not sure but it's gone.  LOL  Praise the Lord, we have not had the flu or stomach bug that has gone around.  How about you? It has really been bad hasn't it?

Let's see--we purchased a new tv to replace the one that was ruined when the power surge went through our house.  We still had one of the old box type tvs and I had no idea what LCD, LED, etc. etc. was all about.  I googled it.  Don't you love Google? Then at the store they recommended a LED.  It has a really nice picture.  The roof has been repaired.  The shingles are the wrong color! I didn't discover that until I went out after they were done.  They said they will come back and replace them when the weather warms.  It doesn't leak and that is the main thing.  Now to go refrigerator shopping.  I miss the ice maker ours had.  Although, there is an ice place in town that sells a 16 lb. bag of ice for $2. There hasn't been a lot of demand for ice with the cold weather we've had recently. LOL  In fact I have really been enjoying my hot tea. 

I needed a break from hand quilting.  My finger under the quilt got pretty sore.  So I pulled out a UFO to work on.  I NEEDED to sew on the little Elna.  I just needed to.  It is DGS Mac's quilt.  He told me he liked the colors of the block I had made up to demo the Pineapple Plus book so I decided that I would finish it and it would be his. I blogged about here. BUT it got put in a drawer.  I was digging through that drawer looking for something else and decided that now was the time to finish it. And now it is! All but the quilting.
After my finger healed up a little and I got my machine piecing crave satified I got back to hand quilting. 

Ten done! Six more to go-plus the borders.
We celebrated Hog Man's dad's birthday a week or so ago.  My mother is doing well.  She called this past weekend.  She said, "Do you believe in miracles?"  "Sure I do!"  She had lost her hearing aid and had looked all over the house for it.  She had swept the kitchen floor to see if it had fallen under the kick plate of the cabinets.  She prayed and asked God to find it for her.  She walked into the kitchen and STEPPED on it!  She says she didn't break it.  She was so relieved.  God is good.  She will celebrate her 88th birthday this year.
We had little visitors this past weekend.  DS#2 and wife went to a George Strait concert and needed us to watch their little ones.  Then DGD Aimee called and wanted to come spend the night -- and bring a friend.  I had guild meeting Saturday morning and left Hog Man in control.  And with a toilet that needed fixing.  You know one of those float thingies and maybe the flapper thingy.  Then while I was gone the tube thingy broke in the repair process.  He managed very well.  I had made them lunch before I left.  I stopped on the way home to pick up more milk.  They can go through the milk! And would you believe I forgot to take a single picture. Of course, you believe it.  It's not the first time or probably the last. LOL
The guild re-elected the same officers for a second year.  So I get to preside over the meetings for a second year -- plowing my way through.  I'm not the best at protocol.  I have no problem standing in front of a group anymore.  Not like I did when I was younger.  It was bad, really bad then.
So back to quilting--I got out another UFO to see what it needs to finish it.  Not that much!  When my finger gets sore or I feel the need for a machine piecing session I will pull it out and "get r dun". 
That's all for now.  Happy quilting from the Catering Quilter

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