Monday, January 28, 2013

Good News!

We spent Sunday at the Ft. Worth Stockshow.

In this building there were hundreds of pigs.  The breeding class showed on Sunday.  We knew several exhibitors.  In fact, Hog Man's boar had sired the young boar our friends were showing.  And it won!  He won first place of the Hampshire boars AND Reserve Supreme Champion Boar out of all the breeds.  Isn't that wonderful?
See this?  I ate one of those Volcano Nachos.  Chips, chili, nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, black olives and jalapenos.  It was good!  And surprising -- no indigestion! LOL  And I don't want to think about the calories!

The boar's mother is in our barn with a new litter of pigs. Same breeding.  Lovey had a new litter Saturday night and her daughter, Olivia, the one who won her class in a show in Missouri has a new litter of pigs that were born last night.  I will try and get pictures.  You know me.

I asked Hog Man today--"What did we do Saturday?"  It's been crazy.  He reminded me that we had shopped for a new refrigerator and went to Tractor Supply to get him some new bibs and rubber boots. Then we went to Bowie to pick up gilts that had shown and were coming back to us. Then we moved one sow and her babies out of the barn to make room for Olivia.  Oh yeah,  now I remember! Yesterday was spent in Ft. Worth. Today,  the refrigerator was delivered.  Lowe's gave me a "window"  when to expect them.  I made ready. I had to empty Hog Man's gun case so they could move it.  They were here about an hour.  I must say they did an excellent job.  After they left Hog Man and I ran to town to grab some lunch since the kitchen was tied up I didn't get a chance to cook. Oh darn! 

Then I spent the afternoon working on the Kraz-z Quilters scrap book.  The roofer had come last Friday and replaced the shingles that the color didn't match.  About 30 minutes after he left one of our breakers tripped.  Long story short--it's fixed now.  It was something they messed up.  I have my quilting buddy's electrician husband to thank who came by today and fixed in less than fifteen minutes!  Still getting back to normal!  What is normal anymore?!  Maybe this is the new normal!  LOL 

I haven't sewn a stitch.  My thimble broke.  It is a leather one with a metal end.  The metal broke right down the middle while I was quilting last Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilters.  I was crushed.  I forgot my bag at Kraz-z Quilters with my needles, scissors, and marker.  LOL  Silly me.  Maybe tomorrow I can sit and sew for a little while after I find my other needles and I'll give the new leather thimble a try. : )

Blessings and happy quilting from Catering Quilter

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  1. Marilyn, I also use the leather thimble like yours. I have all types of thimbles but that one is always the one I use. I have spares on hand but the best one is the one that is "broke in" and I've had to replace it once or twice. I spent lots of money to buy one of those golden ones that lots of guilters use but could never get used to the feel.


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