Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More progress

I have been hand quilting more on the Dresden.  I have two sides and two corners completely done.  : )  It's getting done -- just not as fast as I'd like.  Who am I kidding?  This IS hand quilting and it's not meant to be fast.  : ) 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed remembering all the quilting projects I have going.  But I stop and tell myself--they will get done and it's okay.  Enjoying the process is it.  Sometimes I enjoy some processes more than others.  But I always learn something. 

Last Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilting Club I got out one of the sewing machines that had been donated to our club by some very nice folks after the building burned that we were meeting in.  That morning early I had cut 10" squares from an old sheet.  I had some strips of fabric that I put in a basket thinking of making a string quilt.  The week before we had been talking about string quilts and one of our new members didn't know what a string quilt was.  I showed how to sew the strips on the 10" squares.   I came home and cut enough 10" squares to make another small quilt and will take this week.  I brought the second sewing machines home after discovering that it was very sluggish.  I asked Hog Man to look at it.  He got it to going after using penetrating oil and then sewing machine oil to oil everything really well.  He tried and tried to get the bobbin winder to work and it is just couldn't get to free up completely.  So now we have two machines working!  Two people can sew at the same time.  Yay!  Very helpful when the quilt on the frame is almost complete and only a few have a space to quilt.
I have more little green tomatoes and LOTS of little zucchini.  The jalapeno plants have blooms and I am waiting for blooms to appear on the yellow squash.  We've had rain and the grass is green.  It looks so good.  Thank you, God.

Hog Man had some folks come pick up show pigs this weekend.  I grabbed two of the feedsack tote bags I made and gave them to them.  I gave the more purple one to the little girl (new customer) and handed the more blue one to the fellow (repeat customer) who had brought the little girl and her dad from Burkburnet.  The fellow said "My wife will really like this."  Wasn't that nice of him? 

Hog Man has been wanting a gas grill.  He earned some extra money the last couple of weeks and he got to get himself a gas grill.  So we grilled this weekend. The only part I don't like.  The cleaning.  But isn't that the least enjoyable process of any cooking?  But it sure is nice once everything is nice and clean again. 

Ya'll have a great week and be blessed,

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