Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tumalo Trail coming along

Sorry for the fuzzy picture I must have moved.  The blocks and sashing are all sewn and the red inner border.  I have started cutting and sewing the piano keys.  I am loving this!

The two youngest grandchildren visited us this past weekend.  We really enjoyed having them.  Their innocence is refreshing and entertaining! 

I don't think  I have mentioned that our dog, Ruby, had puppies.  It was an unplanned pregnancy with one of the male dogs that lives down the road who jumped our fence.  There are seven.  Six black ones like him and one that looks like a border collie like her.  They are sweet and the grands loved seeing them.  That is the one redeeming thing.   We have them in the garage with a fan because it is so doggone hot in the afternoons.  They are going outside very soon now. 

We still have grasshoppers by the hundreds.  They eat my tomatoes off the plants as soon as they're almost ready to start turning red.  I step on as many as I can!  This has not been a good year for raising a garden.  The squash were killed by squash bugs and the cucumbers and jalapenos bloomed but no fruit. What?  I've never had this happen. Someone suggested that we might not have enough bees to pollinate. 

Hog Man had another litter of pigs born over the weekend. 

Happy quilting and blessings,

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