Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow then Sunshine

We had rain Sunday night (nearly three inches, Yaah!) then Monday we had snow flurries and just enough snow to show on the grass and picnic table after dark. This morning, Tuesday, all the snow has melted and we have sunshine and it is supposed to be 58 degrees today. Today is primary voting in Texas. Hubby and I will vote a little later.

Last Wednesday we had DH friend's funeral. DH did a good job and it went well. It was a nice day. Thursday, I had an eye exam and ordered new glasses and spent the afternoon doing some ministry work and got the phone call that one of our quilt member's husband passed away. Friday, traveled to DGD's Jump Rope for Heart event.And spent some time with my DD (that's her in the picture above on the right) which was very enjoyable. I drove home in time to feed the animals before dark. Saturday morning we got up at 4:30am and went to a hog show. DH bought three new Hampshire gilts (unbred females). Sunday, rested and cleaned house then started stripping wallpaper in bathroom while DH is castrating pigs (Yuck) and he brought home two just weaned York/cross gilts. Monday (weather horrid-raining, cold, and wind blowing) I attended the funeral of husband of quilt member. I took two of our elderly ladies and then came home and placed an order for Quilt Catering.
This is a picture of our baby pigs. Not a very good one, sorry. I wanted to get one of them nursing but it didn't happen. We have another litter due in April I will get one of them.

We got the good news last night that DH's sister-in-law test came back clear. Phew, what a relief! No more bad stuff for awhile, please. This weekend we will babysit DGS Mason and DH's parents are coming up our direction. Glad I cleaned house; just need to do some dusting.
And here is the Time Travel quilt all laid out on my "design bed". I don't have a design wall. What do you think? I have four more blocks to sew of the Soaring Past Time and then I will begin to sew the rows together.

Blessings to all,

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