Monday, April 21, 2008

Another busy weekend

I attended guild meeting Saturday morning and stayed for the work day to finish up on the donation/raffle quilt. Then Sunday morning DH and I went in to metroplex to visit oldest DS to help him out with a leak he has in his yard. I cooked burgers while they worked and shopped for supplies. But alas, what they repaired did not fix the leak. (We think the boys made a leak when digging up the line.) So poor DS must call a plumber and hopefully it is not under his foundation or in the outside wall. I took my yo-yo maker along and while the "Boys" played in the mud and on the way home I made yo-yos. Beware of the bumps in the road. LOL Ouch!

Then we came home and bought a riding lawn mower. Woo-hoo! Double woo-hoo! It is going to take some getting used to. Like operating the thing. Chewing gum and walking, etc.

Oh! Oh! I gotta tell you this. I placed some orders to replenish inventory and also decided to order some fixtures that are portable to make displays more attractive and organized. Well, one piece is a freestanding pegboard. I forgot to order the hooks to go along with it. My good fortune!
Huh? You might be thinking. Well, when I realized I forgot I started calling to find some in my area. Lowe's has them. Then I thought about a gal who had a quilt shop a few years ago and closed it. She would ask DH to look for them and then second call while I'm at guild meeting--Come and get them. She gave these to me. You might be thinking, "Okay, this gal gets excited over peg hooks?" I get excited over anyone's generosity. There's probably a couple hundred or more peg hooks in this tote. Not that I need that many (I think?) at this time. But, and more importantly, I have made another connection with another human being and hopefully a new friend.

Okay, now for the pretty stuff. I took pictures of my irises this weekend. We have dark purple ones, yellow ones, orchid-colored ones (see the header above) and just a few white ones. There are blooms on top of blooms this year. I didn't take a picture of the purple ones (the wind did a number on them.) And the wind blew last week! Blessings to all.

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