Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stormy weather

A little stormy weather last night, but we are okay. Hope the same for you Patsy. We missed the bad weather last week. But there were some in Decatur and Chico that had large hail. We had hail last night but it never got bigger than marble size. I am waiting for reports from Paradise. They may have had a tornado. The DFW area has had widespread damage from last night.

We had a blast at quilting yesterday. We are still quilting on Jan's king size butterfly quilt and will finish it up in the next two weeks. Kathleen and I are having a blast making yo-yo's. I think she has bought every size and kind Clover makes. I got the regular yo-yo maker mastered as much as one can master it, I think. I got out the flower shape and fell in love with these little flowers. Kathleen had attended a demo and the lady putting it on said not to waste your time with the flower yo-yo maker. It takes a little more manipulation but well worth it in my opinion. And the package gives ideas--making corsages plus decorating gifts and baskets, etc. So Kathleen after seeing it yesterday just had to have one. Heehee.These are my practice ones. The ones on the left are made according the directions that came with the maker. The ones in the middle I added a little poly-fil to the center as I closed it up. The ones on the right I used a piece of the cotton scrap left from trimming the square after inserting it into the disk. What do you think? Personally, I like the ones on the right.

Wish me luck for Saturday--I go to a guild here in town and demo the yo-yo maker and take my wares. I've asked Kathleen to go with me and help me. Hopefully she can make it. When I had a booth at a quilt show in Sept. I got overwhelmed being by myself. I don't think this guild is all that big but we are on a time constraint.
I ordered the book "Tradition with a Twist" which has the Blooming Nine Patch pattern in it. I so want to make that pattern. I have collected two fabrics so far that I want to use. OH, I HAVE TOO MANY PROJECTS I WANT TO DO! TOO MANY I HAVE TO COMPLETE BEFORE I START A NEW PROJECT! Argggh!

And here is some "cotton" candy or scrappy "jelly". My trimmings from the yo-yo makers.


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  1. I like the flowers on the right, too. I love those little flowers and they could have lots of uses in sewing projects. You did good! : )

    Storms rolled through here about 4 or so this morning, and I slept through them! No damage here that I know of.

    Hope Paradise is alright.


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