Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby pigs

They were born April 21. In this picture they are not 24 hours old. Patty(mama pig) had ten and now there are eight. This is her first litter. And in the next picture look closely at the little pig by itself. Can you see it's ears? Baby pigs are born with their ears all stuck up and then in a few days they unfurl and come down. They weigh 1 1/2 to 2 pounds each.

There are hundreds of yellow irises. I found some purple ones that weren't too damaged by the wind. And here is my Don Quiote red rose. They are very fragrant but have a problem with black spot. AND I turned on the a/c today. I couldn't stand it any longer. It got to 86 degrees today and high humidity.


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  1. Hi, according to the weather station in ten minutes the storm is supposed to hit. I hope all the bad stuff missed you all.

    Your pigs are adorable. I'm getting educated because I know nothing about them.

    Your flowers are sooo pretty, and I like the way you presented them. Neat looking.

    Take care,


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