Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy, Busy

Saturday went fantastic at the Lone Star Quilt Guild. Wow, they were SOOOO nice. And helpful. They helped me unload my car AND load it up again. And they lightened my load considerably! Thanks, ladies. I demonstrated the large yo-yo maker and the large flower yo-yo maker. They were good students and I hope I was a good instructor. And many thanks to Kathleen! I could not have done it without her.
Then, I came home and unloaded everything, pant, pant. And then we went to get DGS, Mason, and kept him overnight. He is just too precious. He is about to cut some teeth so he was sucking on his bottom gum. We had a blast with him til his mommy and daddy came to pick him up.

Yesterday, I reorganized my wares after Saturday. I spent two days reorganizing LAST week getting ready to take it Saturday. But it was well worth it. I liked how it was organized better. And now I've got to replenish, so I've been looking at another supplier who handles some things that some customers have asked about and getting an order worked up. And I have to get my sales tax stuff sent in this week. And I have to mow the yard again. And I've been making quilt labels. Did I tell you I make quilt labels? Shame on me. I sold some Saturday. So I've got to replenish them as well. Here are some I have on hand. I do custom labels as well.

Happy quilting to all and blessings,


  1. LOTS of goodies on this post, but the best was little Mason, with those pretty brown eyes!

  2. Your DGS is sooo cute, and a neat age to have lots of fun with.

    Love you labels. I couldn't pick a favorite!

    DD was going to cook your recipe for supper tonight, but I haven't talked to her to see how they liked it.

    The wind has certainly been terrible today!

    Take care,


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