Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun weekend

Whew! What a weekend! First, I had been invited to bring my "store" to Wise County Quilt Guild of which I am a member on Sat. morning. I spent Thurs. and Fri. cutting fat quarters, organizing, etc. Then loaded the car Fri. evening. Wonderful time at guild meeting with the ladies-- great show and tells and of course they lightened my load. LOL I forgot to take my camera. The car was pretty full. I think I am outgrowing my car. Not sure what we will do next. Hmmmm.
Then I hurriedly came home and unloaded with DH's help and we hopped in the car to travel to San Angelo--4 1/2 hour drive.

Our parents live in the San Angelo/Ballinger area. We met DH's parents and brothers and wives at Lowake to eat steak. Yum. It's a little steakhouse that sits out in the middle of cotton fields way off the beaten path. But people flock from miles around. We've been going there for years. Spent the night with DH's parents. I stayed up late talking to MIL who is also a quilter. I showed her how to use different Clover yo-yo makers and she showed me Fabled Flowers by Kumiko Sudo. I had been searching for how to make the folded yo-yo's and there it was in the book. Yippeee! Then Sun. morning we ate breakfast and talked and talked some more. Then we went to visit my mom and step-dad in Ballinger. I had gotten an email from a cousin of mine and she was flying down from New York to visit family. We had arranged to meet at my mother's Sun. morning and eat lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. It was so fun to see her again. It has been many years since I have seen her. Her dad is my dad's youngest brother and my parents took him in when their mother passed away when he was eight years old. My dad was one of twelve. Six boys and six girls. WOW. I was born about the time he came of age and joined the military so I remember him coming to visit and, of course, bringing his family. My uncle has had dementia for a number of years and now has prostrate cancer.
After eating lunch we went to the cemeteries where family members are buried. I hadn't been back to my dad's grave since he had died 24 years ago. And I don't remember the last time I went to the graves of my grandparents who are buried in the Norton cemetery. They died long before I was born. And then we went back to my mother's house and I asked her to get out the old photographs. Don't ya just love looking at old photos? And then after a while it was time to get started home so we could feed the animals before dark. It was a very enjoyable weekend.

My mother, cousin and daughter, and me, standing.

Blessings and happy quilting,


  1. Hi,

    You had an exciting weekend. I've been to that steak house at Lowake probably about 40 years ago. There was an air strip there, too. Is it called the Lowake Inn? It's been so long!!!

    Sounds like a really fun time. Have you ever worked on your family history?

    What are folded yo-yos? I tried to make the flower yo-yo the other night, well, I did make it but I wasn't really happy with the results. Maybe it takes practice on that one.

    I was reading the Quiltville Yahoo group postings today and noticed one lady had a link for making pillowcases to be given to adolescent cancer patients. I looked it up and the only hospital listed in Texas is Cooks Childrens in Fort Worth. So no dedicated group around here or in Waco. That is something I could participate in with ease. I would like to start a group, but don't know if there would be enough interest. People just don't sew like they used to.

    Take care,

  2. There were two steakhouses way back in Lowake. One was Lowake Inn and the other Lowake Steakhouse. The Lowake Steakhouse is still in operation. And yes your memory serves you right; there was an airstrip at the Lowake Inn. Honestly, though, Larry and I prefer Salt Grass or a steakhouse on 287 north of Decatur called Cow Camp Steakhouse. Delish!
    The flower yo-yo's do take a little more manipulation. Did I tell you that I like to put a scrap of fabric in the little center before I tie the knot to close it up? I just like the way it looks. The heart shaped ones are really easy.
    The pillowcase idea sounds great. You just have to present it to the group you are involved with. Our guild makes receiving blankets and quilts for a local pregnancy resource center and Christmas stockings for C.A.S.A. In fact, that's what we are scheduled to work on next month after the meeting. I know my Wednesday group sometimes gives quilts away to families who have lost their homes in a fire. And the Paradise Piecemakers are involved with Relay for Life a cancer fundraising effort.


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