Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kraz-z Quilters

We had sooo much fun surprising our dear Agnes yesterday. She didn't have a clue until her family walked in the door that we were up to something. Then it was party time! We are so blessed to have her still with us; she will be 96 on her birthday later this year. And she is still quilting with us. Her stitches aren't as wonderful as they were once were but hey she has an eye infection (bless her heart--she looked like she had a black eye) and can really see good out of one eye.
AND my quilt on the frame! I used masking tape to mark the quilting lines on the outer border. I first saw this done at Post Oak at Busy Bee Quilters. They use different widths of masking tape to mark straight lines for quilting. Yesterday we got all but a few of the lines quilted and the masking tape removed. It is quick and easy and it gets the job done. With the floral print I knew it would've been hard to make a design where we could see it well enough to hand quilt it.

And before mine there was Jan's quilt a Drunkard's Path Butterfly. The colors are spectacular!

For all the mothers out in blogland--Happy Mother's Day.


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  1. Hi, I forgot to tell you that I like your picture, it is cute!

    A storm just passed us by but will certainly make the Bush ranch muddy tomorrow for the wedding.

    Take care . . .


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