Monday, August 25, 2008

Darling Visitor

We have a darling visitor in our household; henceforth, known as DV. We picked DV up Saturday. Everything seems to be going well. DV was in an abusive situation. DV has cerebral palsy and a family member was abusing DV. I need an education, folks. Anyone out there that can tell me about cerebral palsy? Please email me. DV gets around pretty good. We got DV's electric chair all charged up and DV was riding around all over the yard and having a big time. DV recently became a Christian and has lots of questions. I would appreciate your prayers for DV.

It is the first day of school for many area schools. This is my DD's first day as a teacher. She is teaching 8th grade gifted and talented science. She will be perfect for this position. Her ulitmate goal is to teach high school chemistry.

We have two more litters of pigs; the last being born last night. I went to take a picture last Friday and camera batteries were down. Later today I will go down and take pictures.

I haven't done anything quilt related lately besides price new merchandise. I'm not sure I'm liking the fabric choices for the Disappearing 9 Patch baby quilt but will make it work. I won a door prize at Kraz-z Quilters Wednesday. A "green" shopping bag, a can of roasted pecans (hidden from DH)LOL, and a basil plant (which I am going to repot and put on my kitchen window sill). I didn't get to go to Paradise Piecemakers Saturday. But that's okay.


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