Monday, August 18, 2008

Wonderful Rain

We traveled to San Angelo this weekend and it rained all day Saturday into the night and again all day on Sunday. Wonderful. They need it soo bad in their area. We got home last night and not a drop had fallen but last night there was a little and now it is really coming down. Praise the Lord! Wonderful, wonderful rain. In anticipation I planted more squash seeds to keep the produce coming.

We went to San Angelo to see DH's niece who was visiting from the UK. And on Sunday got to be apart of DGS' baptism. He is my daughter's step-son and seven years old. They had the baptism at a nearby lake because their church doesn't have a baptistry yet. It wasn't raining but threatening during the entire ceremony. As soon as the last prayer was said we had time to get to our cars before it poured.

Then last night the phone rang and DH's youngest brother (niece's dad, the niece visiting from UK) went to the hospital with chest pains. They will do a stress test today at 10:30. Please keep him in your prayers. Niece is due to fly back Thursday. I'm glad she was here for her mother. So today I am keeping ready in case we need to make an emergency trip.

And here are pictures of our field trip last week to Frances' Fabrics. I grabbed a shopper in the store and asked her to take our picture. Sorry for the lighting. In the first picture left to right are Kathleen, Jan in the back, Dixie, and myself. In the second picture are my MIL's quilting group. DMIL is second from the right. We ate at the Magnolia Tea Room and then stopped at two other cute shops before heading home.

And I decided to do a Disappearing 9 Patch for the baby quilt DD asked me to do for her pastor and his wife's baby (little girl) who is due in a week. I have never done one and was intrigued by the idea. The last photo is the backing fabric. I hope it turns out really cute. I purchased all but two of the fabrics from Frances' Fabrics.

I haven't got all the blocks made yet so the blocks aren't laid out quite like I will lay them. So the two purple florals will not be sewn that close together. I may have it way too scrappy!

I missed guild meeting Saturday. But hopefully I won't miss Paradise Piecemakers this Saturday. I have really missed meeting with them.

May God bless you all,

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  1. Hi Marilyn, so glad your BIL is doing okay. My DH has 2 stents although they are in his left carotid artery.

    So glad you had a good trip to San Angelo, and I love the the disappearing nine patch pattern. I've had it marked in favorites for a long time.

    My RSS feed must be ailing- I'm only getting a couple of feeds, and your blog isn't one of them. I had to come looking to see if you had posted lately.

    We've had almost 3 inches of rain in the last 24 hours
    and it's so wonderful. Any rain in August is GOOD!!

    Take care . . .


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