Friday, April 03, 2009


Checking in again! I'm been on the go. Let's see let me backtrack and tell you what I've been up to. Let's go backwards shall we? Yesterday I met with several ladies from Wise County Quilt Guild to sew on our donation quilt. We got a lot accomplished and one more Thursday and it will be complete. Yay! Wednesday was Kraz-z Quilters and we continued to work on Priscilla's king size Eureka (pattern by Jackie Robinson) that we are hand quilting. One more Wednesday and we will have it complete. Yay! Tuesday DH and I (he took a day of vacation) made a trip to see our DGD Aimee in a school program and later in the day watched her practice softball. Too cute on both accounts! It was fun!
Have you seen a cuter star fish?
Her team is called "Twisted Sisters" is that cute or what? I kept thinking that there ought to be a quilt block by that name. If there is let me you will you?

Monday I received a phone call at 9am. Kathleen on the other end--"What do you have planned today?" My response--"Two loads of laundry and not sure what else--what do YOU have in mind?" Kathleen said, "Want to go to Quilter's Workshop?" Me--"When?" Her--"As soon as you can get ready!" Me--"Okay, let me hop in the shower and feed the dog!" Laundry can wait and everything else can wait, right?! You betcha. After all they were having a sale 50 to 75% off on select fabrics. YOU BETCHA! I called Dixie and she dropped everything too and we had a blast. We ate at Olive Garden and got home around 5pm. What a nice way to spend a day!

Sunday, Saturday, and Friday night. DS called late Friday afternoon and asked if we could watch DGS Mason. Babysitter was sick and they had tickets to something. SURE! I was sewing on Star BOM sashing at the time. Okay, quickly shut down sewing machine. Put away rotary cutter, scissors, all sharp objects. Clear my "design bed" that also is used as "changing table" when DGS Mason comes. Clear dining table that also serves as "cutting table". Check pantry for "Mason food". Check refrigerator for milk. Put away breakables on coffee table and elsewhere. Cook supper. Get toys out and play yard. Had fun chasing him around. Bath time, nite-nite, wake up at 2:30am back to sleep with NaNaw etc. etc. He is talking. Not that I understand much of what he is saying. LOL There's the usual Mama, DaDa, See?--and maybe not so usual--Oh, Man! Then gibber blabber, blabber yidder, yadder, uhhh? Okay. Nanaw is clueless.

Did you notice what catalog they are looking at? A boar stud catalog. Yeah. Lots of hogs butts--maybe that accounts for the look on Mason's face. LOL

And that my friends is the week sort of in review. In the mix I was also making up another order and doing the usual stuff we all do -- cooking, laundry (yes, it eventually got done), sleeping, dishes, all that fun and useful stuff.


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  1. Mason has the cutest expression on his face, kinda like he doesn't quite know what to think.

    Is Aimee playing T-ball? Do you live close enough to attend some of the games? I know more about baseball than I do basketball, so I enjoy watching Leah play. Dawson isn't playing this year. It's not a fast enough game for him, he gets distracted.

    If we didn't have to do the necessary stuff we would have more fun time, wouldn't we? LOL

    I hope y'all have a good Easter. We are going to a baby dedication Sunday.



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