Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Finished to Quilt top stage

I got the blocks sewn together a week or so ago and then Saturday at Paradise Piecemakers I got the borders cut and sewn on. This one will be tied or quilted and donated to C.A.S.A. in our area for a child they have been assigned.

And another for C.A.S.A. I pieced these blocks a year or two ago and they got put away. I got the backing pieced, too. Yay. If you're interested in the block pattern--I think I found it at allabout.com. I think. When I have some time I will look back and check on that. I looked and found it. Look here. I didn't have enough of the stripe fabric to follow the pattern exactly.

And may I introduce our new residents. Aren't they pretty? One boy and three girls. Yes, Donna, he is still a boy. Don't know how long.

What our grass looks like after all the rain we've had. God is so good.


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