Friday, May 29, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request!

One of my close quilting friend's husband is an amateur pilot and this morning his plane crashed. He is critical! Please pray. Thank you.


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  2. (I had to delete my first comment because I had left a surname in it)

    I saw the headline for this, but didn't read it until I read your blog. Will remember him and his family in prayers. Keep us updated.

    This was on our local tv station website which I subscribe to:

    xxxx COUNTY (May 29, 2009)— An ultralight plane crashed Friday into North Texas field, sending two people to the hospital.

    The pilot and passenger were taken to a xxxxx hospital.

    James xxxxx, of xxxxx, 76, was listed in critical condition.

    Passenger Douglas xxxxx was listed in fair condition.

    The Federal Aviation Administration says the Chinook plane went down before noon Friday near xxxxx in xxxxx County.

    A Texas Department of Public Safety official says the aircraft was circling for pilot training when xxxxx lost control and the plane nose-dived.

  3. I will put the family in my prayers.there IS power in prayer

  4. How tragic. DH was an amateur pilot in years past. It's a wonderful 'hobby' but dangerous too.

    I just read the update you posted.


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