Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Busy

No Swine flu here. Praise God! All the schools have reopened.

Pictures of DD's house.
Donna, if you're reading this--you would love her house!

This is the cabinet in her bathroom. Click on the picture to enlarge to see the glass knobs.

DD moved this weekend into their BIGGER house. I went Friday to help do some cleaning before the move. The house had been empty for awhile so lots of cobwebs and dust. I volunteered to clean her bedroom. Did I mention that this house is bigger? Oh yeah! They are going to enjoy it so much. Her regular housekeeper came in the afternoon and cleaned the kids bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. DD took on the living room, dining room and breakfast area. Then I did the laundry area. I wanted to share some photos. This is an old home with glass door knobs, wood floors, a huge pantry, pocket doors, and a beautiful cabinet in her bathroom. And she has all new cabinets in her kitchen! They moved from a little house and she loves to organize so she is going to be so happy. There is so much storage!

Saturday we planted our garden! Yay! There was preparation--not yay. We have those pesky sunflowers. I pulled all them up by the roots while DH tilled. Then he marked the rows and dug the holes for the tomatoes. We have planted a total of 42 tomatoes, twelve hills of squash, six hills of cucumbers, five rows of blackeyed peas, three rows of okra, five rows of green beans and I still have to pick up some pepper plants. DH wanted to know what army I was going to feed. Well, there are people out of jobs and some people we know have opened a food pantry at a biker church. Ya'll do me a favor will you? In July and August remind me why I wanted to plant all this will you? I have a canner, jars, freezers, and hopefully time and God willing we will all eat good. AND get this! It rained in the wee hours of Sunday morning. God is so good. AND it rained again this morning. DITTO! It's been a long time since we planted a garden and didn't have to water to get it up. God is so good. The muscles? Yes, the muscles are sore. You know the ones used to squat and bend over. DH was sore too. Just keep moving, just keep moving, just keep moving. Remember Dory in Finding Nemo? Except she said--"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, etc."

Sunday we took a hog to the butcher for a customer. The wildflowers were so pretty. Sorry I forgot my camera. Ya'll please say a prayer for our butcher, please. He is having some health issues.

Some quilting stuff--

My basket for Saturday for Wise County Quilt Guild. I used Lite Steam a Seam 2 to fuse the flowers and basket. I machine appliqued the basket before fusing the flowers in place. My first! I have appliqued before using interfacing and turning and hand applique. This took some small sharp scissors.

The fabric I used to cut appliques from. (P.S. I have this for sale on the bolt.)

Below are blocks from part of my presentation at the April meeting of guild.

You can find the free tutorial here.

A close-up.

This is the fabric I used for the 4 Patch Stacked Posies.


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  1. I am anxious to see the finished quilt! It seems it will be beautiful !


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