Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The next Tiger Woods?

The next Tiger Woods? We were in Abilene Saturday. Let me back up--we met DS#2 and DIL in Decatur at a mexican restaurant Friday night and came home with DGS Mason. Then we got up Saturday morning and drove to Abilene to meet DH's parents and brother and wife and we ate lunch at another mexican restaurant. We like mexican food--; ) . We were visiting in the backyard and I asked DBIL if he could find a ball in the garage for Mason to play with. He found a tennis ball and then got the idea to improvise a golf club/baseball bat (which ever Mason was imagining). A plunger -- you know the kind you use for plumbing problems. Yeah! Unscrewed the stick from the rubber. The stick became the club/bat and the rubber became the tee. It worked good! Okay, okay. No, it wasn't all gross so don't go saying ewwww! Mason loved it. He even backed up and got down on the ground and looked at his shot. I kid you not! It was hilarious. That was lunch and early Saturday afternoon. Then we stopped at DD and family on the way back and ate supper with them. She made a mexican dish! Can you say MEXICAN FOOD?! All the grandkids had a ball playing together. Then we headed home. Got Mason a bath and he (and us) slept well. He woke up at 7am. You put him on the ground and he runs. I took him down to the garden and we did some watering. He had a blast with the garden hose. Yes, he got soaked. My plan entirely. Not necessarily my plan to get pretty much soaked from the knees down. 8 ) Silly NaNaw had on blue jeans. Oh well not to bother. We got that all done and came in and got baths. Ate a light lunch and then loaded Mason and DH up and drove him home. DS#2 and DIL cooked us supper. Not mexican! Yay! Steak on the grill. Yummy. DH and I came home and pretty much collapsed.

Earlier in the week I made a blackberry cobbler from blackberries a friend from Bowie brought us. Oh my goodness! Some vanilla ice cream and warm blackberry cobbler--doesn't get any better. Unless it's chocolate and then we're talking a whole new thing! LOL

And I've had to discipline myself. Yeah, you may be thinking diet. That, too. But I've had to discipline myself to finish the repair of this quilt for someone. This is an older quilt that had lots of wear. The customer wanted to preserve it as much as possible. I am sewing down the pieces by hand that have come apart. This must have been a beautiful quilt in it's day. I don't know how old it is. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It has flannel between the layers. I have worked on this for hours! A labor of love let me tell you. I don't have too many hours left. Yay!

Today, I went to a demonstration. A free demonstration making a jacket using a sweatshirt. I've never done one before. I've admired those I've seen others wearing. A nice demo! And a nice salad luncheon followed. You know I haven't had to cook much lately. This is working pretty good! Stay tuned but don't hold your breath for the jacket I do. LOL ANOTHER project in the making! Oh, no! Where does it all end? I know six feet under. Let's not rush things, okay? What the heck -- give me another project. I can do it.
Happy quilting and blessings,

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  1. Hi, you are busier than anyone I know! You never know, he just might be the next Tiger Woods. I have a young grandson who loves golf and it's great exercise.

    All your mexican food sounds delicious. I envy you!! So does your cobbler. Woe is me, I can't eat that.

    The quilt you are repairing is lovely. I know you will fix it good as new. You are so talented.

    Stay cool . . .

  2. Enjoyed your post...little tiger...cobbler...yummy and you are brave to repair..I made a jacket from a sweatshirt...I had a hard time with it but I wear it often and enjoy it...Black and White...Blessings


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