Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you

Thank all of you who have prayed and left encouraging comments after Jim's accident and then his passing. The funeral was yesterday and it was a beautiful day. The sky was overcast (kept it from being hot) and there was a light breeze. Dixie has held up very well. She is a strong woman. My DH preached the funeral and he did very well. At the graveside a couple of Jim's pilot friends did a fly over in their two planes. I believe one was a vintage two prop type plane. There was a twenty-one gun salute and a flag folding ceremony with presentation to Dixie by an Honor Guard. Quite moving. She had trouble holding it together at that point and I might add so did others. The cemetery is a little country one on a hillside with a pavillion nearby. Dixie had asked some others to bring cookies and drink and have a short time of fellowship right after the graveside and share stories about Jim. It was so nice. I'm glad she thought to do that.

We had storms overnight. Just lots of rain--just under 2". There were tornado warnings around. DH told me this morning he heard Max howling at one point in the night. He thought he might have heard a siren. He didn't wake me! Sometimes when the wind is right I can hear the sirens in a nearby town. I got a call late yesterday evening from my daughter who lives about an hour away. Their TV reception had gone out and they had a bad storm bearing down on them. It was 6pm and the street lights came on! The sky was green and she wanted me to check on my TV and internet for them. All they got was lots of rain. Praise God! I also called to check on Dixie when the NOAA issued a tornado warning near her area. She wasn't aware of the warning and her and the family took precautions.

Butterball is adjusting well to his new home. He has already stopped meowing so much. And I will post a picture of him soon. Max is not too fond of him yet. He bares his teeth when he gets close to him. He's always adjusted to kitties and is just warning. "Don't think you can cuddle up to me, Buster!"

I am thinking I will go in and do some sewing. I have a headache this morning and hoping it goes away soon.

Happy quilting and blessings to all,

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's husband's accident and death. The 21 gun salute gets to everyone. I was fine at my cousin's graveside service until that.


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