Friday, January 21, 2011

Back from Retreat

The Time Travel quilt is finished! Totally finished! I made the binding and sewed it on at retreat. Major happy dance going on. My fellow retreaters reminded me how long I'd been working on this quilt--Gee, thanks, everybody!--since our first retreat back in 2008! Oh my gosh, really? Back at that first retreat I think I was begining to join the blocks together. It was my travel quilt. I only worked on it when I went to sew at Paradise Piecemakers once a month and on retreats. I kept it in one of those Rubbermaid containers so everything would be together and then I could load my machine and thread and go sew. The blocks in the quilt are Fly Foot and Soaring Past Time. The Soaring Past Time blocks have 24 fying geese units. I did count at one time how many flying geest were in the whole quilt and I don't remember. And I'm not going to count again. I'm done. Rest assured that there are around 900. You see those little half square triangle in that border? Those were made when the smaller flying geese were made. I still have a bunch left over! I don't throw anything away--only strips or pieces too small to be able to make a seam and have something left to show after the seam is made.

We had a lot of fun as usual. Good food as always. Recipes requested. There were ten of us. Marie and Sharon couldn't join us this time. Biliie was a new retreater. This particular retreat house is located a block away from a railroad track. There are ear plugs in little jars on the night stands beside the beds. For good reason! Snoring is another good reason. Closed doors help too! LOL I couldn't resist taking this picture. The jar is cracked. Do you think someone may have been groping the dark for an ear plug?

Too funny!

Blessings everyone and happy quilting,

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  1. Hi, glad you had a wonderful time, I knew you would. Your quilt is gorgeous! Are you going to keep it or is it a gift?

    Is there supposed to be a picture of the cracked jar? I only have a picture of your quilt. I imagine the ear plugs made lots of difference.

    Stay warm . . .

  2. The quilt is a beauty! some quilts just aren't meant to be made in a week!

  3. The quilt is so beautiful! It looks amazing!


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