Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Snow and Computers

First a little rain that started in the night and then mid-morning the snow started. Just a dusting. It sure was pretty.

We received a new lap-top from our kids. Yesterday DS#1 came and hooked up the fast transfer cable. Our old computer has been threatening to crash. Very slow. To make a long story short--the old computer was being very very slow. DS#1 needed to go home. I stopped the transfer software download. Removed some programs. Then tried again and it worked. Praise the Lord.

Then I tried to sign in to this blog on the new computer and it wouldn't let me. What in the world? It had been working on this new computer. It worked on DH's lap-top.  What gives? What has changed? I wracked my brain all day. Then tonight I searched on blogger help. Then it occured to me to try blogger in draft. It worked. Forevermore! I'm pretty sure I had been using blogger in draft on the old desktop and perhaps when I transferred everything over MAYBE that had something to do with it?! At least it works and right now that's all that matters.

When it's cold sometimes I get in the baking/cooking mood. Today was no exception. This morning I made sausage and buttermilk pancakes. Then after breakfast dishes were all cleaned up I made banana bread. It turned out really good. Then for lunch I made potato soup with broccoli cornbread. I didn't have cottage cheese for the cornbread but I had sourcream and a little buttermilk. It turned out really good.  We made venison chili tonight for DH to take to work. The guys always love it. Real spicy.


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