Monday, January 10, 2011

Items required--waders--this is deep

What is it that makes us want to resolve to do things better; set goals; change habits? And the list could go on. What is it? Is it because for us in the northern hemisphere Jan.1 falls when there is dormancy and winter and we have a little more time for retrospect? Do people in the southern hemisphere have the same inclination? Is it out of tradition? Is it something in us that wishes for change? Maybe we either liked or didn't like what happened the previous year. Or a combination of both?

So tell me what you think but you have to get your own waders.



  1. Well, I've decided in 2011 we are going to finishing entering information on ancestors into our genealogy program, and get the books for our kids and grandkids made. I've got about 25 years of my life in researching family history, and it can't get lost! We even have the thing that inserts the spine in the books. We have to get the photos organized, too. I believe I'm at the end of the road for finding new information, so it's time to wrap it up. Neither Ray or I are getting any younger, and tomorrow is not promised to us. So, as my late mother used to say, "Make hay while the sun shines." That's what we are going to do. :)

  2. My day continues, I should have stayed in bed today! LOL

    I wrote a reply to your post, put in the scrambled word, an "poof" it was all gone, and the space to write again. Will later . . .

    Have a great day!


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