Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Visitors and COOLER weather

My daughter, Amanda, called on Friday evening and asked if they could come over Saturday evening for supper and visit. YES! That meant I had to clean house. I hadn't done any good cleaning for awhile. Just vacuuming and laundry for a couple of weeks--so I tore through the house Saturday morning. Washed several loads of clothes and hung out. Stripped our bed and washed sheets. I straightened and dusted. Picked up the sewing room--seems like it always needs picking up. Things come apart in there pretty fast.

Amanda's husband asked if we might have fried okra for supper. Since we didn't have a garden this year we have to rely on the grocery store or MAYBE someone who did plant one. We'd had some okra gifted to us last week by an older gentleman that DH knows. Would you believe he stopped by with just the right amount for our supper? And it was so good. The last time DH barbecued we had some German sausage in the freezer and he grilled about five pounds and I froze it in separate packages for future meals. I got out enough for our meal and Amanda had asked for my fried potatoes. I decided homemade ice cream would be good so got that together and DH got it going for us. Our meal was great and we had a good visit. DGD Aimee asked her mom if she could stay and spend the weekend with us.(She wanted to sew. : )) They hadn't planned on that. They had shopped at a thrift store that day and had picked up a couple of clothing items. I told them we could run to the store for a toothbrush and undies. So that's what we did. She had finished the body of her quilt last time she was visiting. This time we added her border. We also had to comb out one of the Cabbage Patch dolls hair and rebraid it. We had a great time. We took her home yesterday and ate lunch at their house and enjoyed sitting on the porch with a cool breeze.

The weather is much cooler! We stayed in the eighties yesterday and overnight low was 59 degrees. Woohoo! The a/c is off. In fact it felt pretty darn cool this morning.

Please pray for the wildfires across the state of Texas. A huge fire is burning east of Austin--where nearly 500 homes have burned and thousands of acres. The Possum Kingdom fire is still burning. This one is in the same general area as the one back in April.

I'm praying for rain for all those who need it and for relief for those that don't.


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