Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Karen Combs Quilts Stolen

Bonnie Hunter has posted again about stolen quilts. This time it happened in New Braunfels, Tx. Karen was parked at her motel when her car was broken into and her bag where her quilts were packed was stolen. Can you imagine being a quilt teacher/lecturer and getting your class samples stolen? All that work gone! Fellow Texans be on the look out for her quilts. Here's Bonnie's post with Karen's own words.


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  1. Hi Marilyn, I've read about these stolen quilts. What I can't imagine is anyone leaving anything so valuable in plain sight. They need a vehicle with enough storage space that it can be hidden. I truly hope she gets her quilts back.

    I hope your golf ball size hail didn't damage your roof. We didn't have any hail, only 5 inches of wonderful rain.

    Take care . . .


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