Monday, March 05, 2012

March is . . .

March is marching on. And it's such a new month but already is 5 days old. My my how time flies. Before we know it we will be changing the clocks for daylight saving time. I guess that's the solution to "burning daylight". LOL  Enough. Let's quilt. Speaking of quilting -- I don't have anything to show. : (  I have so many things going right now. I had this pile - I mean project- and others all scattered from the design bed : ) to the cutting table I put up in the quilting room. It made me crazy. It made me crazy to try and organize it. But one day I was feeling really organizational and I did it. I boxed those babies up in their very own box. Now you know what that means. UFOs! Yup. Out of sight out of mind means UFOs. Oh well. I will tackle them another day when I run across them. LOL

Beware: This is a long post today and very wordy.

The Hog Man continues to improve after hip replacement surgery. He started out patient therapy last week. They put him through it. He has been sore but he can tell he is stronger. He is wearing out the rubber stopper on his cane bottom walking so much. I'm so glad the weather is nice so he can get out and walk. He missed going to Belton to the Southwest Conference this past weekend.  But they had live streaming video so he got to see the whole thing. Love the internet. He really did want to be there in person. He kept saying "We could load up and drive down there." Me-"Not going to happen while you are on blood thinner." A little while later--"Are you sure?" Me-"Very sure."

Talking about the weather . . . we have had such a mild winter and now the fruit trees are all in bloom. I sure hope we don't have a late frost. Our pear tree has died. Could've been the drought. We also lost a large pine tree. I have mowed twice and will mow again today. I don't remember mowing this early  before. Not sure how our St. Augustine grass has survived yet. We may be replacing it with Bermuda. I washed and hung out clothes last Friday. Love the smell. As soon as the big container of laundry detergent from Sam's is gone I am going to make homemade detergent. It really upset me when they pretty much went to all plastic containers for detergents. We don't have recycling in our area. That means those go in the trash. Not good.

Back to quilting - I got this idea for our guild and so far-- like in this will be the second month for them to return their blocks-- it is going great.  I was program chair last year and was always looking for ideas. I found online the idea to cut a square in half and pin it on each member as they arrived with the instructions to find the other person wearing their matching triangle and sit with them during the meeting along with a paper with questions to ask their fellow quilter. It is a great way for guild members to get know one another. Back to the idea. I thought -- kill two birds with one stone.  I pinned the triangles on them and then asked them to sew a contrasting triangle to theirs and make any additional ones they would like to make and bring back to the next meeting.  They did good! We had enough for one baby quilt so far with extras. These will be turned into baby quilts for one of our charitable organizations. Last month instead of pinning I laid out rectangles and asked for volunteers to add a rectangle and bring back. This month I have another idea.  They elected me president back in January and this is my project I'm calling "Follow the Leader".  Our guild has grown! We have almost doubled in size. The bus trip brought a lot of new members. We had a reunion of past and present members at our Christmas party in 2010 and that brought back some old members.

Other quilting stuff-- still pulling fabrics and washing and ironing for sashing for Dresden Plates. Redrew the way I wanted to do the setting. Those did not go into a box. They will only go into a box to protect them from getting unorganized and from little fingers that come to visit.

Speaking of little fingers--we celebrated DGD Paisley's birthday in February. Angie found a little gym that caters to very young want to be gymnasts. The kids loved it. The gym's personnel kept them moving and had activities for them.

We drove up to near the Oklahoma border yesterday to visit some friends which isn't that far. They also have hogs and Hog Man wanted to see their hogs before they go to Houston to show this next week.  We had a good visit and they sent us home with three dozen fresh eggs and homemade chicken soup. Yum. Yum. Everywhere we turn we are being blessed. A fellow Hog Man knows brought two beef roasts and Girl Scout cookies --yum. I brought home a dozen eggs last week from quilt club. We have been given gift cards to Brookshires. Our daughter and son-in-law installed a shower head that had dual head and hose. NICE. We needed new door knobs and locks and they got them and installed them. Hog Man had friends that fed the animals not only while he was in the hospital but long afterward. He was backed up to the barn with a load of feed one day and a man and his son stopped and unloaded it for him. We know they live down the road but that is all. We are praying blessings on all these wonderful people. God is good.

And speaking of blessings-- may you and your be blessed,

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  1. Good Monday morning! You're on the way to a good week! I know what you are saying about having to mow so early in the year. Ray has mowed twice and will mow again today. I've never seen so many weeds that appear to be growing like Jack's bean stalk! He bought some stuff to put on the yard. We've lost some St. Augustine, too. Bermuda grass sounds good to me, but don't know if that will happen. I've come to the conclusion that Texas doesn't need St. Augustine especially when our summers are long with killer heat. I hope we don't have to endure another summer like last year. We've certainly had more moisture than we started out with in 2011. El Nino isn't over though, and we can't forget that.

    The birthday party looks like it was lots of fun.

    My DH takes Plavix (a blood thinner) and that doesn't stop us from going anywhere we need to go. He's taken it for several years now. His arms bruise easily, but the cardiologist said that shows him that the medicine is working.



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