Monday, March 19, 2012

Love this time of year

I love this time of year when everything is new. New blooms, new leaves, new bugs, etc. LOL Mowing and weedeating have become a regular activity. We ordered another battery and double charger for our battery operated weedeater. I will be so happy to get more done at a time. We are forecast for storms today. It's that time of year.  It's so nice to see everything green. And we do have St. Augustine grass that made it through the drought. Yay.

Last week was spring break for the grandkids so they came to NaNaw and PaPaw's house.

There was craft time.

There was snacking and meal times. I had forgotten how much milk kids drink. We went through almost two gallons of milk in three days.

There was lots of this and running and digging and playing ball.

I forgot to mention. My washer died last Monday afternoon with a wet quilt in it. It wouldn't spin. Waaa! I am so glad I got everything else washed BEFORE it decided to die. I squeezed as much water out of the quilt as I could then draped it over the clothesline to drip for awhile until I could clothes pin it. The grands came that night. DGD Aimee and I went to the laundromat to wash their clothes before they went home. We went looking at washers yesterday. I don't have room where my washer and dryer are located for the new washer and dryer with the front doors. So it will have to be the top loader. But it will not be another GE brand. Sorry but I can't recommend them. We will stop by one more place and then decide what we will purchase.

Hog Man got a good report at the doctor last week. The doc recommended setting up knee replacement soon. Hog Man will finish therapy this week then calls to get that process started. His hip is doing excellent. The doc told him he could work part time until then. I love my husband but do you know how wonderful it is for him to be out of the house again? It is great. He probably feels the same way. LOL

These are some of the little triangle squares from the "Follow the Leader" guild project. We had some dark ones come in so I made some more darks from my scraps. I draped a piece of batting over the shelves and made a "design wall". These are now sewn together and will get a small inner red border and an outer border then get quilted. It will be a baby quilt for our local pregnancy center. Oh, I forgot to mention that DGD Aimee kept asking to sew while she was here. I was so busy just cooking, cleaning up, keeping up with the little ones, etc. that it was hard to find time but we did. She wanted to make a purse. She had already thought it out. My little designer! She told me the dimensions and how she wanted a pocket on the outside and how she wanted the strap. We tweaked her dimensions just a bit and set to cutting. I had some Fusible Pellon Fleece that we used to give it sturdiness. It turned out really cute. She was pleased. I got really tickled at her. She found out why I kept telling her, "We will sew later when the younger ones are sleeping." In order to finish it up we had to sew the last evening before the younger ones went to bed. Needless to say they were INTRIGUED with the sewing machine. It about drove her crazy.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. I was busy I tell you. I will see if she can email me one. Did I tell you she is a budding photographer? No. Well she is.

We had a wonderful guild meeting on Saturday. It was National Quilting Day on March 17. How neat was it to meet on the same day. Karen had us not one but two programs. We split up into two groups into different corners of the large room. I learned about 12 inch graph paper and how to resize quilt blocks. I learned about color selection. Really good program. Kudos to Karen. We also were instructed last month to bring to this meeting a 10 inch piece of fabric with our name and put it inside a brown paper lunch bag. Do you know how hard it is to pick one piece of fabric? Anyway, I finally decided. At this month's meeting at the end of the meeting we went over and picked a sack that was not our own. We are to make a mini quilt or anything we wish for that person using that piece of fabric and can add other fabrics as well then bring back to the April meeting. I opened the sack I picked. Oh dear. Wouldn't you know I would get one of the ladies who is so talented and accomplished? I've got to make this really good. We've also started a block of the month program at guild. We make a block from the pattern given and bring to the next meeting and and one name is picked to win all the blocks. We used to do this years ago and that's how I won the blocks for DS#1 Time Travel quilt. Sounds like I have a lot to do before April's meeting. Better get started.


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