Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Piglets

We have new babies at our house. Naturally! This is Berky with her nine piglet litter. The dad is a Hamp cross. Berky is such a quiet girl. These babies are a little over 24 hours old in this picture.

Then there is Big Mama. That's what we named one of the big Yorkshire girls. Her sister we named Little Mama (even though she isn't little-LOL). Big Mama lets me rub her now. She likes for me to rub her behind her ears. Would you believe hogs are very soft in the crease right behind their ears? The rest of their bodies--not so much. Very coarse hair.
We have had a serious talk with Big Mama. Only 5 or 6 babies? Really?! Come on step it up, girl. She was bred to a Hamp so her babies are Blue Butts. A couple have smaller black freckles on their behinds while the others have bigger and darker freckles. They also have some markings on their faces. These babies are a little over a week old.


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  1. How adorable....we once had a sow many years ago and over 10 babies....it was fun to watch them grow...they would come up near the back door and we would holler..piggy...piggy....and they would run back to the barn with their little hind ends in the air...trust things are going well...we had 80 degree weather a week ago and it is now 30 but still nice...50's promised for next week...so Spring is in the air...Have a blessed Easter...


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