Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hellooo Summer

Wowzers it's been HOT! We haven't had the long run of 100+ that many across the state of Texas have had or like many across the country for that matter but we have had days of 100 or more.  Thank God for air conditioning.

Hog Man continues to improve. A therapist is coming every day M-F and working with him. He is almost to where he can use his cane. The walker is still more reliable at the moment, though. His recovery has been slow. He didn't have much range of motion with his old knee so his muscles are having to be built back up.  It is happening. I can see a difference in him. It is not happening as fast as he would like. He is bored.  But all in all he has totally been less grouchy with this surgery. And I like that! I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am so looking forward to it. It is going to be so much better.

What have I been doing? Cleaning, canning, and sewing--my sister and her husband were in Texas for a visit and spent a night with us. So that meant a major straightening in the guest bedroom. This is where I do my sewing. This is where I DID have a table stacked two feet deep with STUFF.  All that stuff had to find another home. So I crammed organized it in every drawer or shelf I could find room. LOL  My DD Amanda and family came for the 4th and brought us hot dogs and fixings. I took her to show her the clean room and she almost fainted. I know I've done good when she reacts. LOL

Oh, and I found the embroidery patterns I was looking for while cramming putting things away.  I am so happy to know these patterns are not lost forever. And I put them in a drawer this time with my embroidery floss. ; )  But the pincushion that is lost remains lost. Weird. It could've fallen into my trash basket. And got thrown away. Maybe I will still find it somewhere.

Aren't these tomatoes gorgeous? This bowl was full before I canned some today.  The big one there with a little green--I picked it before the grasshoppers decided they wanted to eat it.  I got 5 pints. And I decided to dice them this time. Why not?  I like diced tomatoes so much better when I'm cooking.
I love canned tomatoes! I will continue to can as many as the grasshoppers decide to share with us. LOL

I also made Hellish Sweet Relish that I love on pinto beans and hot dogs. There were more jars. I've already shared. : )

I have seen some of these tote bags made from feed sacks around the internet and decided to try my hand at it. It was easy. I found another sack wadded up in the back of Hog Man's pickup. Yippee. And I discovered the dog food sack is made out of the same material -- a waterproof poly vinyl type something. 

I am taking photos while making the next bag and will post a tutorial next post.


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