Sunday, July 29, 2012


More jam making. I had some larger zucchini given to me so I made Zucchini Jam.

And I found a container of peach pulp in the freezer and made it into jam. AND I found three packages of frozen peaches that I didn't know I had and I am so happy. I like those kind of surprises.

I didn't take pictures of Lovey's pigs. It was very hot that day--108. We're not sure if the heat was the cause or just what. But she has stepped/laid on most of the litter. She has two left. These things happen sometimes. We are just really glad we didn't lose her. She seemed lethargic and didn't eat for several days. July and August are tough pig farrowing weather for sure. We have two litters due in August.

The therapist worked Hog Man over pretty good on Friday. We always ice the knee as soon as we get home. It swelled some that afternoon. So we iced it again. Today it is looking better. One of these days real soon it is going to be so much better. He is not a happy camper yet. It's taking longer than what he had anticipated. He has a friend who had knee surgery last winter and got over it really quickly. Patience is not a virtue when it comes to waiting for Hog Man. He has tremendous patience to untie knots in string and even knots in my tiny necklace chains but not waiting. He hates sitting in waiting rooms. He's a pacer. It used to drive me crazy. After 37 years I've learned to be patient. He would laugh at that! How about somewhat patient?

Today Hog Man is getting picked up to help a fairly new hog breeder ear notch
his pigs. He will enjoy himself immensely. What is ear notching? Ear notching is a code for breeders to know which litter the pigs are from simply by where the notches are located in the ears. If pigs are pure bred and registered these notches are listed on their papers. Useful for identification.


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  1. Wow, that's exactly what I need to be doing. I have a freezer full of plums, but alas, laundry, floors and a promised quilt are taking precedence today. Maybe next weekend. Haha!!!


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