Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring is Sprung?

Is it really here? We are closer anyway. There are fruit trees in bloom; the geese are flying north; and the temps are forecast into the eighties later this week. We enjoyed the snow but I'm glad we don't get it like up north. There were lots of snowmen made in yards. The DFW area only got a dusting of snow and mainly rain and sleet.

We have daylight saving time. Woohoo! Yeah, right. Who loves losing an hour of sleep? We had DGS Mason Saturday night so his mommy and daddy could go out with friends. We were to meet Sunday morning/lunchtime at my DS's house in Arlington. My in law's drove up and had rented a motel room in Arlington and my husband's sister was in town (DFW area) from Colorado. Well, we didn't set the alarm. Babies always wake up, right? And we have this inner clock that doesn't let us sleep late even on the weekends, right? Wrong! Baby didn't wake up and we slept. It was eight o'clock old time when I woke up. It's a little over an hour drive to son's house. Mason didn't want to eat and I had to have a shower. To make a long story short--we arrived there five minutes before twelve o'clock.

Speaking of Mason--he has really grown. He is eight months old now and sits alone pretty much.

Here is Mason and Larry. Isn't he darling? Don't look at my counter behind them. It is a catch all and catches it all all the time. We enjoyed him very much but the time flies too fast before he's gone. He has a bib that says "I'm going to Texas Tech". That's what his DD wants anyway. As parents we know things don't always happen the way we want. God has a way of changing our plans. In the picture on the right are l to r myself, my daughter-in-law, Angie; Larry's mom, Mary Ann; and Larry's sister, Debby. Here are the "guys". Oldest DS, Brian; DH, Larry; FIL, Fred holding Mason; and youngest DS, Marcus. DD and family couldn't make it.


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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    The photos are sooo good - great looking family! Mason is a doll. I think it's the law of averages that when you are keeping a baby nothing works right LOL. The time change came in to play, too. This one messes me up more than the one in the fall.

    Yep, spring is getting closer and like you, we are looking forward to the 80's. It's hard to believe school will be out in about two months - seems like it just started. Two of our grandkids are registered for baseball and that is always fun.

    Have a great day . . .


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