Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! To bring you up to date -- I will post some pictures-- like I promised.
This is DGD with her quilt we hand pieced, sandwiched, and tied. She picked the border fabric and I already had the 2 1/2 " squares cut in my "scrap user system" from Bonnie at Quiltville. She also picked five buttons from my button can that we just had to sew in the center. Her touch! We had a lot of fun making this quilt and I hope a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. I'm looking forward to the next project.

And here she is with my tulips. Isn't she just beautiful? We baked banana muffins and homemade cinnamon rolls. We played. And we took her home on Friday morning. Phew!

And now some pictures from the Dallas Quilt Show 2008 and since my camera batteries played out and I missed taking a whole lot of pictures; I googled Dallas Quilt Show and found a whole lot of pics on blogs, etc but the following are what I took BEFORE my batteries went low:
This quilt was just absolutely gorgeous!
This one was absolutely amazing.
Priscilla in my Wednesday group is making this one just larger scale and we are quilting it next!

And this one --one of my favorite--pink!
This one was very interesting. I could see it done for a child's quilt or in other colors.


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  1. Your DGD is beautiful - tell her I said so, okay :) and she did very good on her quilt. She's definitely creative too wanting the buttons! I know you both had lots of fun.

    Your tulips are so pretty. There used to be some people here that had tulips growing at the edge of their yard, next to the curb. The owner would mow over them when they were through blooming and did that all summer. The next year they would be back.

    I LOVE those quilts! The one with the village must be amazing to see in real life. Do you know how long it took her to do that? Have you ever seen the quilt that a guy pieced (1 inch blocks, if I remember right) of The Last Supper?
    It was at the Waco Quilt Show year before last. I could have stood there all day looking at it. He enlarged a digitized photo to get a color chart to follow. If you haven't, I took pictures that day.
    All the quilts are beautiful. Thanks for posting them.



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